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PLUMBPRIDE are experts in boiler installation, maintenance, central heating services, and system updates. Our team is willing to go the extra mile to keep your home clean and protected once the job is complete.

We are a family-operated company with extensive experience in handling different types of plumbing problems. With over 20 years of experience in the domestic and commercial plumbing industry, we pride ourselves on fixing whatever plumbing issue you have fast.

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We provide our plumbing, heating, and boiler services at affordable prices while completing all our jobs to high standards. We are highly focused on ensuring we provide premium customer service, which guarantees your satisfaction. You will never be disappointed with our excellent customer service which we take pride in.

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An important feature of a heating boiler is its thermostat. It is connected to a central heating system through a pipe. The water pipes then flow through each hot-water radiator in turn. As the water passes through each radiator, it gives off heat, but cools as it flows back to the boiler. Because of this, the water in the pipes must continue to cool down so that the water can continue to carry heat from the boiler. Ultimately, a heating boiler will help you save money on energy bills while making your home comfortable.

Gas Boiler Issues

If you have issues with your gas boiler, we can evaluate the problem and determine what repairs are required or whether you need a full replacement with a new boiler that is more energy efficient.

Central Heating

We are the experts when it comes to resolving or diagnosing problems with central heating systems and installing Smart Thermostats to help you save on your heating bills.

Domestic Plumbing Systems

PLUMBPRIDE can repair a wide range of domestic plumbing problems including leaky pipes, immersion heaters that do not heating up, and more. We even work with the kitchen sink!

Friendly and Knowledgeable Experts

We know that not many homeowners are comfortable about letting strangers into their homes. We guarantee excellent customer care and cleanliness throughout the entire plumbing project. Our main goal involves making sure you are content and to make sure you and your family stay safe and warm. PLUMBPRIDE is proud of what we do!

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A benefit of a heating boiler is that it can heat water more quickly. A storage tank for hot water isn’t an option for a heating system. In these cases, a heating boiler can be the ideal solution. This type of boiler is great for commercial buildings, as it provides a large volume of hot water at once. You can even heat the water that runs through copper pipes in the slab underneath doors. There are two primary disadvantages to conventional boilers.

Save Energy As well as Keeping Warm Inside Your Home

As soon as the temperature starts to become colder, you understand that the need to heat your home will increase and that will be reflected in how much you pay for your energy bills. It would appear that any time you make an effort to save money, things get in the way like trying to keep your family warm. These days there is plenty of information available on how you can heat your household whilst taking measures to save on energy. In this article we are going to consider some of the methods you can take to stay warm and cut your heating bills.

Just how energy efficient your house is depends on several factors like the type of construction and the age of the home. More mature homes were not built with energy efficiency in mind so they are no good at conserving energy like homes built today. You should check around the house to see specifically where heat might be escaping from the home. If you have any single glazed windows, they should be swapped out and any gaps observed around doors and windows will need to be sealed. If suitable insulation may not be set up in your home, you will need to do that right away.

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If your home is old, the boilers and appliances may very well be starting to lose their efficiency due to age. There is nothing worse than a boiler failure in the middle of a cold snap but if your boiler is not serviced this could happen to you. Present day boilers are considerably more energy efficient, so you may want to decide to replace your old one which will be a big upfront cost but will save you money in the long run. It is a good option to have some back up heaters in the event of emergencies and you can make use of these when the weather isn’t too cold just to heat up individual spaces rather than heating the whole house.

It is always worth verifying to see what grants are available to you if your home needs to be more energy efficient. This will be based on where you live but do your homework to make sure you get any assistance due to you. It is simple to keep you and your household warm when the weather turns cold as well as saving energy if you make some changes to the way you live.

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