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How to Get the Best Gas Boiler Service

If you are looking for a gas boiler service, you need to know a few tips that can help you choose a company and ensure you get the best service for your money. First of all, check the diverter valve on your appliance. Moreover, you should also check the Gas rate and Flame picture to determine whether there is a leak of gas in your appliance.

Cost of gas boiler service

If you are looking to save money on your gas boiler service, you may want to consider changing energy providers. Most companies offer the cheapest rates to new customers, so you might be able to take advantage of those deals.

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Many people choose to book their boiler service during winter, when the weather is most cold and blustery, but you can also opt to get your boiler serviced during the spring or summer months. Booking a service is easy, and you can go to your energy provider’s website to make a booking.

Checking the diverter valve on a gas boiler

If you’re experiencing trouble with your boiler, it might be a diverter valve problem. These valves are relatively simple to replace, but they should always be checked by a professional. Even if you have a DIY plumbing background, it’s best to hire an experienced Gas Safe engineer to do the job. Trying to replace the valve yourself will likely void your boiler’s warranty and cause more problems than it solves.

The cost of replacing the diverter valve varies, the cost will be higher if you live in a more expensive part of the UK.

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Gas rate is a measure of the volume of gas used by the appliance

The gas rate is a measurement of how much gas is used by an appliance. This value must be within the manufacturer’s allowed limits and can help you determine how efficient the appliance is. The most basic way to determine the efficiency of an appliance is to measure the gas rate. This measurement is based on the amount of gas burned during a specific amount of time. A typical gas rating test period is one hour.

Natural gas usage is measured in British thermal units (BTU’s) and is usually reflected on your natural gas bill in terms of therms. The rate of natural gas use varies with your location, energy provider, and weather. Also, the appliances you use and the volume you use can affect your bill.

Flame picture is a measure of whether there is an escape of gas from the appliance

A gas boiler’s flame picture is a good indicator of whether or not there’s a problem with the appliance. A blue flame means there is enough oxygen to burn the gas, and a yellow one means there isn’t enough oxygen. This means there is a potential for escape of gas, which is dangerous. You can prevent this by installing a carbon monoxide detector near the gas boiler.

Oil boiler service is a job for an engineer accredited by OFTEC

Getting an oil boiler service done by a qualified engineer is essential for ensuring that your oil boiler is safe and efficient. An engineer accredited by OFTEC has undergone strict training and must re-certify themselves every five years. They are also required to carry a photo ID, which shows what type of oil heating work they are certified for. This gives customers greater clarity and peace of mind. OfTEC also provides guidance to its members so that they are aware of current regulations.

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An OFTEC-accredited heating engineer can offer a high standard of service to customers and raises the industry’s standards. The organisation ensures the efficient functioning of oil boilers and heating systems, ensuring that customers get reliable and high-quality service. The qualifications of an OFTEC-registered heating engineer help them perform their job safely and without attracting the attention of the building control authority.


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