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How a Plumber Does Shower Installation

First, determine the height of your faucet. Generally, it should be between 45 and 48 inches from the floor. Mark this measurement with a pencil. Next, use an electric screwdriver to insert a horizontal stud between two vertical studs. This step will allow you to attach the faucet to the wall.

Electric showers provide cold water for plumbing fixtures

An electric shower is an alternative to traditional plumbing fixtures. An electric shower provides hot and cold water for plumbing fixtures, including a shower head and plumbing fixtures. However, it requires an electrical power supply, which must be provided by an electrician. Before purchasing an electric shower, you should have the necessary knowledge and experience to safely install the device.

Electric showers operate similarly to other electric appliances. Water flows into a small cylindrical water tank that contains electrical heating elements. The heating elements quickly heat the water, which then flows through a pipe in the center of the water tank.

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They are easier to install

When installing a shower, plumbers can be easier to work with. They remove the old unit, which gives them more space to work with. They then fit the new drain body over the floor pipe. A plumber can also move pipes if necessary. Once the new unit is installed, you can use the old unit as a bench or storage niche.

If you’re installing a shower yourself, you can buy an acrylic shower base for a tiled floor. However, you’ll need to pay attention to the floor slope. The shower floor must slope toward the drain to prevent water from leaking outside of the enclosure. Luckily, most showers don’t require new drain lines, but you’ll need to call a plumber to move the drain lines.

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They require separate 3/4-inch lines

If you are having a shower installed, you will need separate 3/4-inch lines to attach the fixture to the drain. The two types of tubing are different in size and have different lengths. One type of tubing requires a 3/8-inch hole, while the other is used for a 1/2-inch hole.


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