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Boiler Replacement in the UK

Cost of a new boiler

Before you begin your search for a new boiler, you should know how much it costs to run it. There are many factors that determine the price, and one of the biggest is how many bedrooms your home has. A boiler over 30kW can heat a home with up to five bedrooms, so you might want to consider a regular boiler or a system boiler. In addition, you should insulate the windows and walls to reduce cold air coming in through the pipes.

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A new boiler will reduce your heating bills, as it is responsible for approximately 60% of your household energy bills. By replacing an old, inefficient boiler, you’ll save money over time. Energy-efficient boilers are highly efficient, and most modern models are A-rated, meaning that they are up to 90% efficient. This means that you can expect to save up to £200 to £300 each year with a new boiler.

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Variation in price

The price of a boiler replacement depends on many factors, including its age, the number of units and the type of fuel it runs on. Newer, high-efficiency boilers may cost more to install but they will pay for themselves in lowered utility bills. If your boiler fails frequently, the most common sign it’s time for a replacement is frequent breakdowns. You may also notice leaks, valve problems, and fluctuating water temperature. Additional indicators include banging sounds, excessive noise, and leaks.

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Prices for boiler replacements vary greatly. Depending on the size of your home and its efficiency rating. Prices also vary by the fuel source, as some models may require new piping. A good rule of thumb is to choose an energy-efficient boiler, based on rating and features.  The price of residential boiler replacement depends on the fuel source, size of the boiler and the convenience features it includes.

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Brand of boiler

If you need to replace your old boiler, there are a few brands that are worth considering. Ideal is one of the oldest brands in the UK and was originally called the National Radiator Company. Glow-worm has 75 years of experience in the heating industry and is committed to top quality, reliability, and exceptional durability. 

Worcester is another popular brand that has earned a reputation for reliability among heating engineers. This model is relatively affordable and comes in a variety of sizes, from twenty to thirty kW. It should be able to serve most homes, although if you have multiple bathrooms, it might not be enough. Worcester boilers come in several models with varying power outputs. The lowest-cost boiler is the 16kW version. It should also be easy to service and maintain.

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